Download PPspliT v2.5
[May 2023]

PPspliT for Windows
Setup wizard (includes uninstaller)
Compatibility: PowerPoint 2007 (12.0) and newer, 32/64 bit, Office/Microsoft 365; support for XP/2002 (10.0) is there but frozen since release 2.0

PPspliT for Mac
DMG file with installer app
Compatibility: PowerPoint 2016 onwards, Office/Microsoft 365
MacOS users may want to check the (un)installation instructions.


Presentations can be a very effective way to convey concepts. Personal taste aside, visuals (PowerPoint's domain) are preferable to text alone (Word's domain), but it is a clever use of animations that can impress the audience the most. To accomplish this, shapes in a PowerPoint slide may overlap if they are meant to appear at different times. Such slides are impactful at slide show time, yet unreadable when rendered in a portable format (like PDF) because shape overlapping is preserved.

PPspliT is a PowerPoint add-in that transforms each slide into several slides, each displaying the contents of the original slide as they would appear at every intermediate animation step. As such, its natural application is to generate redistributable versions of a presentation in a flat document format like PDF.

As pictures are worth a thousand words, here are two examples:

Original slide After PPspliTting
Example 1

Example 2


Documentation and References

Usage of the add-in should be pretty straightforward. However, to clarify its operation usage instructions are also available.

Project development happens on Github. This is where you can find:

  • information about the features and limitations of the add-in
  • a complete changelog, as well as a bug tracker
  • all the source files required to rebuild the add-in
  • a little of additional documentation


Toolbar in Microsoft 365 (from PPspliT 1.22)
Toolbar in Office 2007 (from PPspliT 1.22)
Toolbar in Office 2003 (from PPspliT 1.22)
Progress dialog (from PPspliT 1.7)